For a Movie that marks the Present Most Successful Hero-Musician combination of Challenging Star Darshan in Lead Role and V. HariKrishna as the Composer, One expects the Album to be catered to all sections of Audience. The first thing that catches attention about this Album is the fact that there are only 4 Tracks here and all of them have been sung by Local Talents.  After quite a Long time, there aren’t any songs of Sonu/Shreya/Tippu etc… who are regular ones for D’s Movie Soundtracks.



1.       Mr. Airavatha : Ranjith, Santhosh Venki, Chintan Vikas, Shashank Sheshagiri ;

 Lyrics: AP Arjun

Album takes a terrific start with Title Track, coming at the Very Beginning.  Hero praising songs which have been a common routine in big stars movies is continued here as well. Lively Music by HK and picture perfect Lyrics by Arjun help in maintaining that swift Pace throughout the song. All the Singers have done their job perfectly to make it a lovely catchy Number. You might get the feel that you have heard the starting tune somewhere. Nevertheless, this wouldn’t stop entertaining the Huge Fan Base of Darshan, who would love this song.


2.       Oh Priya : Hemanth ; Lyrics : Yogaraj Bhat

Oh Priya is a Foot tapping Number with Melodious touch to it, which is just the kind that one expects from D-HK Combo. Song sounds like rehash of HK’s Own chartbuster track ‘Nille Nille’ to an extent. But, still it isn’t a surprise as it’s already on the way to be as popular as ‘Nille Nille’. Lovely Rendition from Hemanth adds further weight to the song. YB’s Funny lyrics of Boy mocking at a girl, laced with good humorous lines make it one of the picks of the Album.


3.       Ka Talakattu Ka : Indu Nagaraj, V. HariKrishna ; Lyrics : Yogaraj Bhat

Here is another Kickass song, “Ka Talakattu Ka” that adds to the Mass Appeal of the Album. This would be another feather in the cap of Indu Nagaraj who will win listeners hearts again after ‘Pyaarge Aaagbitaite’. YB has once again tried something unique in his lyrics, with apt support from HK as both Musician and a Singer for this lovely Item Number. It would be a treat to watch Darshan and Mahek Chahal shaking their legs for this song on big screen.


4.       Gudi Mele Ghante : Shashank Sheshagiri, S Suneetha ; Lyrics : AP Arjun

‘Gudi Mele Ghante’ is one of those fast paced numbers on same lines as that of ‘Aithalakadi’. One has to hear the song multiple times to get a hang of it. Shashank and Suneetha just do their best in maintaining the tempo of the song. AP Arjun’s lyrics are perfectly in sync with the song.


Mr. AIRAVATHA Album as expected is indeed entertaining. It just has that Hit Formula of simple Music coupled with catchy lyrics, which would be popular among the Masses. Our picks of the Album are ‘Mr Airavatha’, ‘Oh Priya’ & ‘Ka Talakattu Ka’.

 Music Label : D Beats

CINELOKA Rates 8/10

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