BAHADDUR is one of those promising flicks for which Kannada Audience have been waiting for from almost 2 years. It marks the super-hit combination of Dhruva Sarja – Radhika Pandit Pair which created a sensation through ADDURI. We all know that it was V.Harikrishna, who drove the audience to theaters for ADDURI with many chartbusters in a single Album. So, let’s check out whether BAHADDUR Audio has something entertaining to offer for the Audience from Sandalwood’s #1 Musician, V.Harikrishna.


  1. Starade Nange Naanu : V.Harikrishna; Lyrics : Chethan Kumar

The Album starts off with this Love Celebration Number in Typical Adduri Style with punching dialogues by Dhruva. This is a sure shot chartbuster with zestful singing from V.Harikrishna. It’s aptly supported with simple, easy to hum lyrics by Chethan and lovely arrangements by HK.

  1. Aaraamagiri Subbalakshmi : Santosh Venki, Apoorva Sridhar; Lyrics : Chethan Kumar

This song happens to be our pick of the album. Main USP of this song is of course, HK himself with lovely instrumentations for this hip-hop romantic number. Excellent renditions from both Santosh & Apoorva steal the show. One does look forward to seeing this number on big screen. Lyrics by Chethan fit the bill perfectly.

  1. Hudugeerige : V.Harikrishna; Lyrics : Yograj Bhat

This song starts off with Harikathe style and switches it’s mode to typical street-smart tapori style with nice Orchestration of HK’s trademark style of drumming coupled with loud chorals, which set out a vibrant pace for the song. HK does justice to this energetic number with his loud tone. Extremely hilarious lyrics by Yograj Bhat are one of the main highlights of this number.

  1. Neene Neene : Sonu Nigam, Vani HariKrishna; Lyrics : Kaviraj

It’s a Listener’s delight to hear Sonu’s universal vocals being rendered for this soothing track. Vani HariKrishna adds the melodic flair that syncs well with the spontaneity of the track. Kaviraj’s simple yet meaningful lyrics serve the purpose well. HK occupies the limelight again through another wonderful composition.

  1. Hutto Surya : Ranjith,Shashank,Chandan; Lyrics : AP Arjun

This song seems to be the rehashed tune of ADDURI Title track. Inspite of using his old tune, this song does leave an impact on the audience due to kickass orchestration and excellent lyrics by AP Arjun. That’s the fact.

HariKrishna, who is basking in the super success of his recent albums, with AMBAREESHA recording Platinum Disc sales and FAIR & LOVELY being a lovely hit had set high expectations on BAHADDUR Audio album. The Audio of BAHADDUR is thoroughly entertaining with lovely tracks that can gel well with the movie. They have tried ADDURI pattern over here and have come out on top yet again. Audio will surely ensure a big opening for BAHADDUR.

Cineloka rates 8/10 for this fantastic album.


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