There were very high expectations from the audio of most expected flick of the year, AMBAREESHA- The Rebel and the first and foremost reason being obviously, it marks the most successful Hero-Musician Combo of Sandalwood at present, Darshan-Hari Krishna, whose association has churned out many evergreen chartbusters till date. Let's check out whether Hari Krishna's tunes have been able to delight Kannada audience alike his previous successful albums.


Vaalekum Salaam : Hemanth
The album kicks off with the intro song of Darshan, "Vaalekum Salaam" - A perfect start for Mass song lovers. It's a thanksgiving song explaining the greatness of laborers. Lyrics fit the bill perfectly. Hemanth has been able to recreate the same magic alike Shankar had done for SAARATHEE Title track. HK has done a good job as expected by lifting the song to an all new level with his trademark composition for Mass numbers.

Kannalle Bacchidala : Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
When super-hit combo, Sonu & Shreya are in, no doubts on that would be a Romantic melody track. Both of them are exemplary. "Kannalle Bacchidala" can be considered as one of best love duets of the combo. The song grabs attention instantly with its classy lyrics and impressive background musical arrangements, being the main highlights of the track.

Gandara Ganda : SPB
Here, comes our pick of the album "Gandara Ganda". In one word, magic of classic song "Vajra BallaRaaya" from SAARATHEE has been recreated. It's an exuberant tribute to the greatness of Bengaluru founder Kempegowda, showering his supremacy for being a great ruler and depicting how the city was built. HK's harmonic luxury brings out the outburst of drums, horns, roaring vocals and rhythmical instruments usage is picture-perfect. Excellent Lyrics by Nagendra Prasad is the main USP of the song. India's best Playback singer SPB has given it all for this sensational number.

Asaku pasaku : Tippu, Lakshmi Vijay
Darshan-Priyamani's hyped hot number "Asaku pasaku" makes a lively presence as it's coupled with both modern and retro style to it which forms the main attraction of the song. Both Tippu and Lakshmi sing in their modulated sensuous vocals to bring out that 80s appealing aura of romance. Lyrics are like icing on the cake with amusing one-liners. This song is sure to be lapped up by the masses.

Khel Khatam : Naveen Madhav, Satyan, Santosh Venki
"Khel Khatam", this has to be rated as one of the best Theme tracks, suiting perfectly for a commercial entertainer. Punching dialogues narrated by Darshan have already gone viral on all social networking platforms. Rap and background vocals spice up the things further. This is definitely a track to watch out for on big screen. This will be a popular number favored for Caller Tunes/Ringtones more than any other tracks in the album.

Poojyaaya Raghavendraya : Madhu Balakrishnan
HK ends the fantastic album on a classy note with a devotional track "Poojyaaya Raghavendraya". Devotional Song in a full-fledged commercial entertainer is a pleasant surprise. Madhu Balakrishnan's heartrending rendition is the main highlight of this number. His voice has a striking resemblance with legendary YesuDas, which makes the composition more entertaining and leaves an everlasting impression on listeners.

To sum it up, AMBAREESHA Album is a captivating listening feast for all sections of audience. HariKrishna seems to reserve his best for D as always. With loads of expectations behind the movie, good WOM about the audio from the listeners is sure to add a lot of mileage for the grand success. Go and grab the Audio album before the stocks get over.

Cineloka rates 8.5/10 for this wonderful Album


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