S.V. Productions proud venture ENDENDIGU marks the debut of Star Choreographer, Imran Sardhariya as the Director. Music has been composed by KFI’s Leading Musician V.Harikrishna. Naturally, expectations arise from HK to deliver something special that will make this Love Saga of Ajai Rao – Radhika Pandit, a memorable experience. So, let’s check out if the expectations are met or not.


  1. Ninnalle: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal; Lyrics: K Kalyan

HK has hit the hammer right with the very first song, ‘Ninnalle’, a soulful melody number which comes as a whiff of fresh air. The Musical arrangements are simply mind-blowing. Magical Sonu-Shreya combo excels yet again with their superlative rendition. Kalyan’s lyrics are simple yet classy, giving an insight into the relationship shared by Ajai-Radhika duo. A Musical treat indeed!

  1. Iduvarege: Sonu Nigam; Lyrics: Yograj Bhat

One chartbuster leads to another one,’ Iduvarege’, a brilliantly crafted Melodious number by Melody King HK. The track is very infectious that one simply cannot help but keep looping it. This happens to be one of the best works of Sonu till date. YB’s fantastic lyrics sums up to make this an enchanting Melody. This song happens to be our Pick of the Album

  1. Friendu Maduve: V. HariKrishna; Lyrics: Yograj Bhat

‘Friendu Maduve’ as the title suggests, is another typical Party celebration number from HK. This number might go well with the masses and youth too. HK is in full form singing this energetic number. YB as always comes up with his unique, interesting lyrics. A passable fast paced Number with comic touch in it.

  1. Kanna Kajol: Sonu Nigam, Anuradha Bhat; Lyrics: AP Arjun

‘Kanna Kajol’, one of the best tracks of the album is a lovable duet number. Sonu & Anuradha dutifully execute the romantic track with their mesmerizing vocals. Lyrics by Arjun are special, which appends the quality of the track.

  1. Endendigu: Karthik; Lyrics: AP Arjun

Another fresh vibrant tune that HK use is for ‘Endendigu’, a breezy romantic number with apt musical arrangements that perk up the mood. Karthik has done a wonderful job. Lyrics by Arjun fit the bill perfectly

To sum it up, ENDENDIGU definitely has class written all over. Audience will surely appreciate the efforts of HK for churning out chartbusters with ease. Album guarantees Melody coupled with wholesome entertainment in its lavish package. ‘Ninnalle’, ‘Iduvarege’ and ‘Kanna Kajol’ are going to be top chart scorchers for sure.

Album is definitely Worth-a-buy!!!

Rating – 8.5/10

- Marthish S

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