‘CHAKRAVARTHY’ - One of the most anticipated Movies of the year being produced by Veera Films has hit the theaters today amidst high expectations. Chinthan is well known for his dialogue writing skills in Sandalwood from more than a decade. He is making his debut as a director via this big budget venture featuring many bigwigs from the Industry. How the movie has turned out. Let’s check out.



The movie follows the life of a Young man Shankar (Darshan) who comes to Bengaluru in search of a job. He elopes along with his lover Shanthi (Deepa Sannidhi) as well. After being perturbed by few happenings in Bengaluru as a result of Underworld Mafia, Shankar gets hooked up with some bad elements in the society. Shankar slowly rises up his ranks and becomes the most influential person in the Underworld. He gets caught between his family life and Gangster life. How he continues to do good things to the society despite being at a wrong place? How he overcomes all the hurdles to get back to his roots forms the rest of the story.


Chinthan has been clearly inspired by the Real-Life Incidents that have taken place in Bengaluru from the 80s showcasing life story of Muthappa Rai, Oil Kumara, Jayraj etc. Family values are in abundance throughout the movie. First half of the movie moves at a swift pace with prime focus on Romance and Family Portions. Second half shifts its limelight to Stylish Underworld and ends on a Positive note with Patriotism values as well. More usage of Hindi especially in the second half should have been taken care.


Challenging Star Darshan grabs your attention right from the First Frame of the Movie. He looks stylish and classy in all 3 outlooks of the movie. Aligning to the Mannerisms of an Underworld Don and carrying that Retro avatar so well is the main highlight of the movie. Deepa Sannidhi delivers supremely confident and Bold Performance on Big screen.


Aditya delivers a power-packed performance as a master Cop showcasing his prowess again in Underworld based Movies. Dinakar Thoogudeepa excels in his debut as a Villain. He looks damn promising with his looks and Mannerisms. Kumar Bangarappa, Sharath Lohitashwa, Srujan Lokesh, Yashas Surya, Charulatha, Shivadwaj, Manoj and all supporting artists deserve kudos for getting their acts spot-on.


The technical department of the Movie has done a splendid job. It has Haunting tracks from Arjun Janya that are chartbusters already. ‘Ondu Malebillu, ‘Mathe Maleyaagide’ and ‘Chakravarthy Title Track’ – All songs Choreography/Execution are just brilliant. His infectious catchy Background score suits the ongoing perfectly. KS Chandrashekhar’s Cinematography is too good. Each and every frame looks colorful and grand. Editing could have been better.


Ultimately, CHAKRAVARTHY is a movie for all sectors of Audience. No Single Bloodshed scene in the movie. It’s a Classic attempt in showcasing the Bengaluru/International Underworld in a realistic manner to the maximum extent possible. Go, watch and enjoy this big canvas movie this weekend.


Cineloka rates 4/5

- Marthish S

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