Pooja Gandhi who became a household name in 2006 after Industry Hit Mungaru Maley was released , later wasn’t able to keep up the momentum.

She has now come up with a new movie JILEBI which hit the screens this week, let’s review if this JILEBI is Sweet or Sour for our Kannada audience


Movie revolves around 4 main characters in the movie which is of 3 friends and Pooja Gandhi who plays the titular Role of Jilebi.

As per the trailer, Director hints that this movie will be raunchy adult comedy with a tinge of thriller turns out a decent adult thriller with lot of nail biting sequences, the audience at some stage will literally be at the edge of the seat as the movie progresses.

Artistes’ Performances:

Pooja Gandhi the maley Hudugi has essayed the title role with ease ,its a nice performance from her .

The other artistes Yashas, Vijay and nagendra have done justice to their roles and performed as per the need of the movie, though there is no much scope to showcase their talents they have just done the deed.

Other Supporting artistes fit the bill and nothing special about it.

Technical Excellence:

The movie doesn't boast much technical or production values. Cinematography, music, and other technical departments have done pretty decent job. Some dialogues are played to the gallery and it is justifiable going by the genre of the movie.

First half of the movie and comedy elements stands out.

Analysis :

It takes tremendous script narration technique to weave the sequences to a story which takes place in a single house amidst only very few characters, director Shankar has done some good work though he could have been better in few scenes.

Thriller Genre movies needs apt support from camera work which is definitely decent enough in this movie. Background music could have much better.

But over all there some moments in the movie which makes the audience to bite their nails but that nail biting moment is short lived. However it’s a good attempt and can be watched once.

Rating : 3/5

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