It’s great to see Sandalwood coming up with many content based flicks off late amidst Popular Formula-centric films. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this promising flick ever since the trailer was released to lovely response and was applauded by most of the Industry celebs as well. SHUDDHI directed by Adarsh Eshwarappa charters a new territory. Reel & Real-life incidents have been blended effortlessly and the execution of the subject succeeds in making you find the purpose behind the same.


SHUDDHI is also a film which gives an introspective insight about the challenges faced by women in the present world and the way one has to deal with these challenges. Plot of the movie revolves around Karlyn Smith (Lauren Spantano) - a Freelance Photographer in USA who makes her way to Bengaluru to succeed in her mission. There is also an aspiring Journalist Jyothi (Niveditha) who wants to spread awareness on amending the Juvenile Justice Act of India. How both of these stories are interlinked? What’s the purpose? You have to catch all this action on big screen.

Adarsh’s choice of the subject and execution of the same with slick and effective screenplay deserves to be lauded. Movie has been inspired by some of the real life incidents like Rape Incident in Delhi (2012), Attempt to Murder Case in Bengaluru ATM, Attacks on Youngsters in Mangalore etc. It also gives an insight into loopholes in Juvenile crime law which has been more often misused. To be frank, SHUDDHI might not be one of those films that might get universal patronage but would be received very well by those who are into qualitative cinema.

Coming to the Performances, Each and every lead character in the movie has its own significance and casting is picture-perfect, which is the main plus for SHUDDHI. Shashank Purushotham is amazing, playing the role of a Special crime branch officer. Niveditha has played her part with rare maturity and every viewer is sure to connect instantly with this character. She is damn impressive and shows immense growth as an actor. Mature and Bold performance by Lauren is one of the main highlights of the movie. Amrutha has done ample justice to her role playing her part well. Rest of the star cast inclusive of Ajay Raj, Sanchari Vijay, Veena Sundar and others have played their part perfectly.

On the Technical front – Team deserves full marks for Thumping Background score and cinematography which are the main pros for the film. Editing could have been better with few scenes in first half being trimmed.

On the whole, SHUDDHI is truly an engrossing fare and would garner strong word of mouth. Best bet for the weekend. Go, watch & appreciate such sincere & bold attempts.

Cineloka Rates 3.5/5

- Marthish S

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