Movie with the title of Demi god of KFI aroused sky high expectations ever since it had that lovely combination of Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar & Talented Director Santhosh AnandRam, being produced by a reputed Production house like Hombale Films. The bonding between the parent and child has been depicted in various films in the past. Though, the message comes close to many films, RAAJAKUMARA works mainly because of the rich emotional appeal it has to offer.


Plot of the movie begins with a NRI Lad Siddharth (Puneeth Rajkumar) who falls in love with a stranger Nandini (Priya Anand) who had eloped to Australia against the wishes of her Parents. After all the comedy of errors, things get easier for the couple when they get the nod for their marriage from their families. Things take a U-Turn when a tragic incident brings Siddharth back to India. How he resolves an issue pertaining to his family and uplifts family values in the society forms the crux of the story.

RAAJAKUMARA is seeped with emotions and talks of familial bonding. It packs in loads of sentimental values in those 2.5 Hours. It faithfully follows the tradition of Dr Raj Movies in providing a genuine family entertainer. But, Movie isn’t without its share of glitches. Slow narration in First 40 Mins of the movie with overboard & irrelevant dialogues could have been avoided. Few Outdoor portions being picturized in Malaysia and showcased as Australia could have been handled better. The emotional quotient in the film is enough to overcome all shortcomings.

Screenplay of the movie strikes a right balance in the latter part of the first half. What follows then are ample moments that touch the core of your heart and leaves you moist eyed at times. And that’s where Director Santhosh scores big time with RAAJAKUMARA. Second half of the movie is truly an absolute gem. He remains faithful to the subject and has captured sensitive moments very well.

Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar delivers a solid performance. He has got a tailor-made subject after nearly 7 Years and he has utilized it very well. He reminds of his legendary father in the second half of the movie and henceforth, this stands as one of the most memorable performances of his career. Priya Anand looks cute and confident in her Kannada debut and has done right justice to her role. Sarath Kumar looks elegant and has played his part well.

Prakash Rai scores full marks in his short stint. Comedians – Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu & Chikkanna are extremely lovable as they evoke ample laughs at right intervals. Anant Nag, Dattanna, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Avinash and others have done a wonderful job.

Coming to the Technical department, V. Harikrishna steals the show with his Top class Background score especially in the second half of the movie. ‘Bombe Helutaite’, ‘Appu Dance’ and ‘Saagarada’ are worth humming and have been picturized well too. Cinematography is striking. Production Quality is of high standards. Choreography of Appu Dance track by Jani is one of the best in recent times.
On the whole, RAAJAKUMARA has strong emotions as its trump card, which would appeal to family audience. Come and watch the movie with your family and re-connect with your roots.

Cineloka Rates 4/5


- Marthish S

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