Psycho Shankra - Movie Review

Movie: Psycho Shankara 
Cast: Pranav,Navarasan,Sharath Lohitasva 

Music: Sridhar KashyapRavi Basrur

Cinematography: Nithin
Editor: NM Vishwa 
Directed by: Punith Arya
Release date: November 10 2017

Its not a rare thing in kannada to make a film based on the true events or notorious  personalities. We’ve had quiet a few of them like Veerappan , Umesh Reddy,Dandupalya Gang  etc and co-incidentally few of them have striked well at Box office too. So following the que Psycho Shankara is one more addition to the kitty which is based on the notorious serial killer Pshycho Shankara and his wrong doings.


Even though the movie title may sound that the movie is completely based on Life history of Shankara , but it’s not.

It’s based on one Rape and a murder  and the happenings around this murder, though Psycho Shankara takes the centre stage – he is well supported by other characters too in the movie.


Analysis :
This movie marks the entry of Pranav - one more debutante to Kannada film industry. He plays the role Narasimha  and he is impressive in his body language and dialogue delivery. Biggest highlight of the movie is the characterisation of Navarasan(Pyscho Shankra) where he is not seen mouthing any dialogues at all. From beginning to the ending Psycho Shankara doesn’t utter a word. Navarasan has played it to the perfection.

Sharath Lohithaswa as police office has excelled in his role and it’s a gift for Kannada industry to have such a talented Character Artist in the form of Sharath.

There is also a track of brother Sister sentiment in the movie,which is the main strength and this has to be watched on screen as to which brother- sister are we talking about.


Technical Excellence: 

Director Punith Arya has done a very neat job and his Effort is seen in every Frame of the movie. He has used Kollegala dialect to the perfection,which is very appreciable.

Cineamtography is very pleasing , as for a movie which is based on real life characters , it’s hard to etch out thrillers if it’s not aptly supported by technical team, especially editing of the movie should be crispier and we have a winner here.

Background music of the movie by Ravi basarur  is worth mentioning and it adds value to the movie.

So we could comfortably say that this movie is worth a watch. Go watch in your nearest theaters.

Rating: 3.5/5

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