Movies with a different names are not a rarity in Kannada cinema, the latest release Churikatte is one more addition to the list of the movies with a different name.


The movies  of the Crime Thriller Genre is one of the toughest genres to be handled especially when the director is a newbie – but in the case of ChuriKatte the debutante filmmaker Raghu Shivamogga passes with distinction.


Crime Thriller movies with a star hero limits the storyline as there will be a template or a formula to be followed for a STAR HERO movies to please their followers , but Churikatte has no limits and director has utilized this freedom and etched out fantastic screenplay which is the strength of the movie.


This movie is about Timber Mafia and its proceedings which is untouched as far as Kannada Cinema is concerned. There is also a love affair in the film, which is very well connected with the storyline.


First Half is pacy enough, though there are unwanted fight and a song; nevertheless it sets the tone by introducing all the important characters in the movie and marvelous interval bang which makes the audience wait for the 2nd half with a baited breath. Second half is very gripping; it would have been the best if the director had not given the commercial touch to the climax.


Biggest draw to the movie is the realistic treatment of the screenplay and the people involved in technical department.

Every artist in the movie does justice to the role and renowned Character artist Achyuth Kumar steals the show and we wouldn’t be surprised if the audience gives a standing ovation for his acting skills. Praveen Tej and Balaji Manohar are sure to get few offers by fellow Gandhinagar people post this film.


Background music by Nobil Paul is the biggest highlight of the film. Advaitha Gurumurthy Cinematography adds value to the movie. Vasuki Vaibhav songs connect well with the movie proceedings.


All in all, Churikatte is a well made edge of the seat thriller, which is definitely watchable by all kind of audience.

Cineloka Rating – 3.75

Sunil HC Gowda

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