Most expected release of the season, TAGARU which stars Karunada Chakravarthy Dr. Shivanna, Manvitha,Dhananjaya and Vasishta Simha had the audience literally wait and number the days until it was released. The movie’s Audio and teasers were a smash hit amongst the netizens and finally it has hit the silver screens today.


Let’s see how the movie fares:


Director Suri whose previous stint Dodmane Hudga which was a Family Entertainer is back to his usual raw underworld based film. Going by the trailers and the posters it’s for anybody’s guess that it’s a Police Vs Anti Social elements story, but it’s not a routine Masala Entertainer.

Suri has etched out a simple story with non-linear screenplay which makes the audience think what next. Though at times u may feel the director forcibly confuse the audience in his narration. The Last 30 odd minutes are the strength of this narration; it reveals most of the unanswered questions.



The find of the Tagaru Movie is Dhananjay who has debuted playing a Villainous role and has played it to perfection,it is definitely a game changer in his career. Vasishta Simha also has enacted a fantastic role with ease.

However the movie belongs to Shivanna who has literally carried the movie on his shoulders very convincingly.Shivanna is back as a Khadak police officer after a long time, Probably after Rakshasa. He has played the cop role effortlessly. His Mannerisms, Dialogue delivery and his performance in Action scenes are top notch.

 Manvitha Harish, Bhavana & Devaraj fill the emotional content of the film. They all have done their job and definitely add value to the movie.



Tagaru gets better as it progresses and it’s tough to tear your eyes away from the screen. The only time it pauses is when it breaks into songs. They’ve been shot beautifully, but the screenplay is so good you don’t need those breaks. The film doesn’t have a separate comedian or comedy track like every other movie, but still makes you laugh at times with some witty one liners.


Music Director Charan raj needs a special mention. His Music in the film elevates the experience of the film to the next level. The Tunes and Music bits used are so fresh and add to the punch that the movie packs. Mahen Simha Camera work is very apt to the content. Deepu S Kumar might have had a tough time on the editing table and he has done a great job too.



There is not much to the family audience, the heavy bloodshed and the uncensored Below the belt dialogues might not go well with them, otherwise this film is for the ones who like Action Dramas

Tagaru will certainly entertain and it is a Must watch for Suri and Shivanna Fans.

Rating 3.75

Sunil HC Gowda

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