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Kumari 21F is a re-make of Telugu film with similar title. Sriman Vemula makes debut as a director in Sandalwood with this film that got U/A certificate from the Regional Censor Board. The Telugu version had got ‘A’ certificate. The reason for this film getting U/A certificate is the director who ensured a few hot and bold scenes out of Kannada version.


It is about Siddhu (Pranam) a young chef from a middle class family who harbours big dreams. Siddhu, smitten by the beauty of Kumari (Nidhi Kushalappa), falls in love with her. After a few days, Siddhu starts doubting Kumari’s character because of her daring attitude. His friends also oppose him continuing friendship with Kumari. His suspicious attitude creates some problems for them and it leads them to break up. However, Siddhu has a soft corner towards Kumari. What happens to them? Will they get united and lead a happy married life? You have to watch it on the silver screen to know the climax.


The plus point of Kumari 21F is the script that is related to the present generation, especially for the younger generation.

Pranam, the son of veteran actor Devaraj, makes debut as a hero with this film. Pratham deserves appreciation for his skills in dance and romantic scenes but has to go a long way to live up to the expectations in emotional and comedy sequences. His  Voice Dubbing needs to be more precise.


Nidhi Kushalappa is bold and beautiful in this film. She needs a pat on her back for opting to play this type of role. She has acted well and gave a mature performance in the climax which is quite commendable. Music director Sagar Mahati has given good BGM but his songs are average.

Director Sriman has done the justice to the original script, the Last 30 minutes of the film is shot very convincingly. The comedy scenes of this movie are quite Average.


“Kumari 21 F” is aimed at youth. It is worth watching for them.


Rating - 3.25/5

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