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Film: Padarasa
Cast: Sanchari Vijay, Vaishnavi, Manaswini, Niranjan Deshpande, Jagadish and Vijay Chendur
Director: Hrishikesh Jambari
The film Padarasa caters to the needs of two types of audiences. While the pre-intermission session focuses on comedy elements, the post-intermission session caters to the needs of the audiences who crave for watching serious movies.
The story of Padarasa is about two friends who lead their lives luxuriously with the money they got from cheating gullible people. They spent the entire money on alcohol and cigarettes and other luxury things. They continue this luxurious lifestyle till one of their victims takes a revenge by revealing the truth about the source of their money. Padarasa's (Sanchari Vijay) frind Papeesha (Niranjan Deshpande) spills the beans about the former.
The film Padarasa conveys a message to society on what happens when a young man is after money and beautiful girls. It also tells the audiences how the Almighty decides fate of such persons.
SanchariVijay, who is known for playing different roles, has played the play boy role quite good.Niranjan Deshpande, Jagadish and Vijay Chendur have done justice to their roles while Vaishnavi and Manaswini have also tried their best to live up to audiences' expectations.
Director Hrishikesh has shown lot of promise in the film making. If he fine tunes himself a bit, he would become much better in coming days.
The disadvantages of Padarasa are songs and its pace in second half . If the music director had worked hard a bit more, it would have added an advantage to the film.
It is worth watching for those who want to spend their leisure time by watching a movie at any cost.
Rating -3/5
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