Ayogya is the first directorial venture for S Mahesh Kumar who worked with well-known director Yogaraj Bhat for quite a long time. The film that created a lot of buzz before release has succeeded in meeting the expectations of the audiences.


Ayogya is about Sidda alias Sidde Gowda (Satish Neenasam), the son of Bhagyamma (Aruna Balaraj), who wanted to become gram panchayat president. He has his own reasons for nursing such an impossible ambition. It is impossible since he neither has resources nor influence among the villagers while his opponent Bachche Gowda (Ravi Shankar) has money and manpower.


Meanwhile, his mother requests Shamanna (Sunder Raj), a marriage broker, to look for a suitable girl for him. Shamanna advises Sidda to meet Sowmya, an orphan girl but he meets Nandini (Rachita Ram) by mistaking her as Sowmya. Smitten by Nandini’s beauty, Siddha falls in love with her without knowing that she is Shamanna’s daughter. At this juncture, the government announces schedule for holding gram panchayat election. What happens to Sidda and his ambition and his plans to marry Nandini is the climax.

It is not that Ayogya is free from mistakes or boredom, especially the scene where imposters make Ravi Shankar to defecate in an open place, could have handled better. The middle part of second half is bit streched too. However, one can ignore these mistakes and come out of the theatre with a smile.


Satish Neenasam is at his best. He has emerged as a good commercial Hero through this flick. Ayogya indeed is a much needed film for him. Rachita Ram, the dimple queen, steals the show with her performance. Her Voice dubbing in Mandya dialect deserves appreciation. Ravi Shankar, as usual, is convincing as a baddie. Sunder Raj, as a marriage broker, has acted well. Giri and Shivaraj KR Pete have provided comedy. Sadhu Kokila as Bhairathi Gundkal(Spoof of Mufti Character), though late entry and brief performance, makes the audiences to giggle for a while.


Music by Arjun Janya is good and lyrics by Chetan (the director of Barjari) are very good. Preetham’s Camerawork is good & worth appreciating.

Overall Mahesh Kumar has delivered a Watchable Commercial Potboiler in his debut. It is a Paisa Vasool Flick.


Rating - 3.5/5

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