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Film: Divangatha Manjunathana Geleyaru

Director:  Arun N D

Cast: Rudraprayag, Sheethal Pandey, Shankar Murthy, Sachin, Mohan Das, Ravi Poojari, Naveen GM, and others.


Arun N D, who had worked for “Yenne Party” that was released on Youtube, makes debut as a director in Sandalwood with this film. The USP of Divangatha Manjunathana Geleyaru is the script and the dialogues that make you have a hearty laugh. The narration during the pre-intermission session deserves appreciation but same cannot be said about the post-intermission since the climax ends on predictable lines.


The other USP of the film is the message to society, especially to wayward boys and gullible parents who trust their children blindly. Director Arun has written punchy dialogues laced with humour and satire. The dialogues among the friends in a police station have the potential to entertain mass as well as class audiences. It also showcases how police fix the wrong persons in wrong cases.


The story is about Manjunath, a parasite and also an embodiment of bad habits. Manjunath not only cheats but also borrow money from friends. He wanted to lead a lavish life even by selling his ancestor’s property. On one fine day, he found hanging to a roadside tree. Kempaiah, a police inspector who is all set to get transferred for inefficiency, takes up the investigation. He summons late Manjunath’s friends one by one and torture them to confess to the crime. The police inspector wanted to avoid being transferred by proving his mettle.

Director introduces many flashback sequences to justify the police suspect late Manjunath’s friends for the murder. Unable to bear the torture and find a suitable job, one of them (who depends on his uncle for survival) comes forward to confess to the crime. What happens to him and his friends is the climax.


All the artistes have done a fantastic job. They acted like matured artistes. Sheethal Pandey, as a girl who changes boyfriends like changing costumes, is convincing. Ravi Poojar, who worked as an art director apart from playing one of the friends who works as a painter, deserves appreciation.


Music director Vinay Kumar H Y has done a good job and songs are melodious. The Technical Part of the film could have been lot better. The Lack of Good Budget has ruined the visual brilliance.

Anyhow, this film is watchable for youths for its message and entertaining dialogues.


Rating – 3/5

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