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Film: Life Jothe Ondh Selfie

Director: Dinakar Thoogudeepa.

Cast:  Prajwal Devaraj, Premkumar, Haripriya, Dhananjay, Sudharani, Deepak Shetty, Sadhu Kokila, Chitra Shenoy and Aruna Balaraj.


Life Jothe Ond Selfie certainly had a good buzz around its release because it is a film by Dinakar Thugudeepa whose last directorial Sarathi was a Blockbuster Hit. Director Dinakar Thoogudeepa has embarked on targeting family audiences this time. The script written by Manasa focuses more on family bonding and traditional values.


The story is about Nakul (Premkumar), Rashmi (Haripriya), and Virat (Prajwal Devaraj) who meet in Goa in a peculiar situation.  They attend a free beer party and end up at an isolated island. Each one has a different background and has reasons for landing in Goa from Bengaluru.


At this juncture, the director introduces flashback sequences and explains why they have come to Goa.  Rashmi alias Rash, who is betrothed to Karthik (Dhananjay), wants to break the engagement with Karthik . The reason is that she doesn’t like to obey her mother-in-law who is particular about Kannada culture and tradition. Virat comes to Goa since he was not happy with the treatment given to his mother Tulasi (Sudharani) by his father (Deepak Shetty). The director narrates why Nakul, a prospective film director, quits software job and comes to Goa.

The climax is whether or not  Nakul realizes his dream? What happens to Rashmi? And what happens to Virat?


Dinakar tried his best to avoid elements that are a must for a mass entertainer. He gave importance to sentiment and emotion than routine stunts and song sequences. However, it would have been much better if the screenplay was bit more crisp. The cookery competition could have handled better.


As far as performance of the artistes is concerned, all of them have done justice to their respective roles in the film. Sudharani provided a good support. Sadhu Kokila has tried his best to bring the laugh from audience in the second half. Dhananjaya is good in his brief role.

Music director V Harikrishna has provided some fresh tunes. Title Song and Alukku Myale are hummable. Cinematographer A R Niranjan Babu has done a good job behind the camera. The film has only one stunt sequence that is neatly composed by Thriller Manju.


It is worth watch if you are one of those who love to watch family Oriented Films.

Rating 3.5/5

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