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Film: May 1

Director:  Nagendra Urs

Cast: JK, Raksha, Poorvi, Yamuna Srinidhi, Sanjana Prakash, Anurag, Rohit Nair, and Nagendra Urs.


Director Nagendra Urs, who had handled megaphone for Kannada films Just Love and Rocky, makes a comeback with May 1. His latest flick is a suspense thriller that has all elements to frighten the audiences with weak heart. With this film, JK alias Karthik Jayaram, has been graduated as a script writer apart from playing the lead role.


It is about the story of JK, a film actor and his family that resides at a farm house.  His wife Meera and son Suraj and his sister-in-law stays at the farm house while he is busy with film shooting. The inmates face lot of problems and bad omens at that house. JK invites a priest (Yamuna Srinidhi) who reveals that house is haunted by a negative energy. When the audiences are expecting an Aapthamithra type of rituals, the priest disappears as soon as she appears on the screen.


The film actor tries all methods to protect his family from the evil spirit. What happens to his family and who is responsible for all the problems at the farm house.

JK is at his best in this film. He acts as an artiste and a loving hubby with aplomb. He looks different when he is possessed with an evil spirit. Rohit Nair is convincing as a cunning and lewd film producer who exploits even female playback singers. Raksha has acted well. Sanjana Prakash, as a heroine who craves for the hero during the film shooting, has also acted well. Anurag, who earned name and fame for his performance in realty show Drama Juniors, steals the show with his dialogue delivery.


The drawback of the film is lack of good comedy scenes and a tight narration. If Nagendra Urs had worked more on creating some fresh horror scenes at least it would have worked better. 

Nevertheless, “May 1” is a watchable film for those who crave for decent horror and suspense thrillers.


Rating - 3/5

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