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Though it is a re-make of Tamil box-office hit Pa. Paandi, debutante director Gurudatta Ganiga has made best efforts to adapt Ambi Ning Vayassaytho to suit for Kannada nativity, especially the fans of Rebel Star Ambareesh and Abhinava Chakravarthy Kiccha Sudeep. The director deserves appreciation for handling an artiste like Ambareesh without allowing him to stray from the script.


The director’s other specialty is ensuring emotion as well as commercial elements in the film without giving much hype or importance to the factors that are aimed at pleasing mass audiences.


It begins with Ambi (Ambaresh), a stunt master who is staying with his son and two grand children, maintaining his physique with a brisk walk and trying to satiate his taste buds with Bannur goat meat. His love towards old melodies and watching cricket irritates his workaholic son Ajay (Dileep Raj). His efforts to keep youth away from drugs have also invite trouble for him. Finally, he finds that something is the reason for feeling lonely despite a good shelter, son and grandchildren. He goes on a long ride in search of his lover Nandini. What is Nandini doing and what happens to Ambi is the climax.


The film conveys the much needed message to society, especially working children and aged parents. While Ambareesh represents aged parents, Dileep Raj represents workaholic children who loses temper and chides parents for no reason. The Movie has a beautiful Love Story,which will definitely melt your hearts.


Ambareesh, despite of his age and health condition, has acted well. His dialogue delivery, especially while conversing with a youth on the terrace, is a treat for his fans. Kichcha Sudeep, apart from providing a crisp screenplay, has acted so well in his extended cameo. His performance in the Love Break Up Scene defines why he is called Abhinaya Chakravarthy.  Sruthi Hariharan is good too. It is Suhasini who walks away with all honours for her sterling performance. Her dialogue delivery and body language are very good. Avinash is convincing as a concerned father of young and educated daughter.


Cinematographer Jebin Jacob has done an excellent job behind the camera. He has utilized the opportunity to showcase his skills in capturing the beautiful scenery of Mandya and Kerala. Good Background score by Arjun Janya, “Hey Jaleela” & “Mathadu Tareya” songs are good. The Editing of this film is too good.

 It is definitely not be missed film. Rebel Star is back.

Rating – 3.75/5

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