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The Terrorist,the 7th outing of Director PC Shekar has released this week along with the biggie The Villain. It may not be an exaggeration to say this film – The Terrorist – is quite different assignment for Action Queen Ragini Dwivedi. Her sober and clever performance will be a surprise package for class audiences. At the same time, her hard-core fans, who wish to see her in more action sequences, may get bit disappointed.But surely this is a welcome change for Ragini.


The film takes off with an Afghanistan sequence but returns to Krishna Rajendra market and its surrounding areas in Bengaluru. It is the story of two sisters – Reshma and Asma – who are misused by terrorists. Reshma (Ragini) is working at a star hotel and falls in love with one of the colleagues. She is set to marry him but fails due to some unavoidable circumstances.


She prepares to sacrifice herself to rescue her sister Asma from terrorists. She agrees even to plant bombs at strategic locations in Bengaluru and surrenders to police on her own. What happens to her? How she succeeds in rescuing her sister is the climax.

Ragini Dwivedi has tried her best to entertain audience. Her dialogue delivery and body language are good. The audiences can emphathise and sympathise with Ragini who has acted well as a hapless sister who complete the tasks put forth by the terrorists.


Though the pre-intermission session tests your patience, it is the post-interval session that keeps you remain in your seats in the theatre. It is quite interesting. Screenplay is crispy. Director P C Sekhar deserves appreciation ensuring the narration interesting. It literally put the audiences at the edge of their seats as they follow the sequence of events.


S Pradeep Verma has done a good job in providing suitable background score. Costumes by Shubhangi Singh are good.

It is worth watching if you are prepared to watch some off beat fresh narrative.

Rating -3.25/5

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