When was the last time we all saw a Kannada horror movie with fantastic research work and befitting screenplay writing? Classic horror movies are a rarity in kannada cinema arena.

So, first of all a big hearty congratulations to the talented director KM Chaitanya who has touched the horror genre in a very effective manner, though a remake it will definitely made a mark in to the audiences mind.

Aake starring Chiru Sarja, Sharmila Maandre has everything the audience would expect from a horror genre movie

Sharmila Mandre is wannabe actress and she gets separated from her husband as he preferred film career over her and their one-year old child. At one point of time, Sharmila gets threatened by a money lender and hence she decides to participate in a contest to watch a horror movie and the condition is to watch it alone in the movie hall with no declination of Blood pressure or pulses as they are totally monitored. You should watch out the film on big screen to know the rest of the suspense and surprise.

This movie cannot be totally rated as a horror movie as this has a sensational crime angle to it as well. The director has beautifully dealt about the life style of present generation too.

The one and only negative aspect about Aake would be its slow pace narration, it can be overlooked by the content of the film. Also Editing could have been better at places to make the movie crispier.

KM Chaitanya has come up with horror movie after his highly successful Aatagara and we could say he has done a neat job.

Talking about the technicalities of the movie – BGM from Gurukiran is top notch and it could be rated as one of the best BGM for a horror movie.

Performance wise, Chiru Sarja has really done a fabulous Job, but the whole movie sits on Sharmeila Mandre’s Shoulders and she has tried very hard to balance it. We could say she has achieved the task but could have done wonders with little more effort.

Supporting actors like Prakash Belavadi,Sneha, Achyuth,Balaji Manohar have supported well and add essence to the movie.

This movie could boast of high productional values as Eros international have ventured in to Kannada cinemas through this movie and they live up to the standards they have set.

All in all this movie is a well made horror thriller movie, though doesn’t cater much to Front Benchers, it will be liked by class audience.

Cineloka Rating : 3.5/5


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