'Buckaasuura - For Money' had created a huge demand, even before its release by the two trailers that created a buzz for everyone waiting to watch. This Friday it has hit the screens, and everyone knew about the title which itself says story of a person hunger for money.


Let me introduce Arya(Rohitt) an advocate who is from a middle class family background and his caring mother(Sithara) working for a orphanage. Arya has a girlfriend (Kavya) who is also his assistant and has plans to stay happy with him forever. The story starts with a court case of an MLA’s son indulged in a rape case. The case will be taken over by Arya, While the director has showed that Arya defends the case logically to such an extent that the public prosecutor has no evidences to prove that his client is innocent. Though it seems bit dramatic, it’s all there in the game.


But this is not the crux of this case; the narration has thriller, horror and some catchy dialogues. Finally let me introduce bad boy of a big firm, Chakravarthy(Ravichandran) , the amount of hype given to his character from the movie has been upheld. Looks stylish and classy with the negative character. Yes let me tell you what the 'F' is all about Fantastic and Frenzy.


The court room drama is hilarious and the audience will burst into laughter whenever our famous Kannada teacher of Sandalwood, Suchendra Prasad(Public Prosecutor) and Rohitt's gets into an court argument . This court scene should be considered as an entertainment and should not be compared to the real court room scenes. Never to forget appearances of Characters Vijay Chendoor, Sihi Kahi Chandru and Shashikumar’s special appearance they have justified their presence in the movie.


This young team of ‘Karvva’ needs to be applauded for their effort to pool in a brilliant story writer Rajasimha for giving kannada audience a new age story which attracts all age group. The cinematographer has really given his best but seems to be director’s execution and advice has played a spoil sport in few scenes. The BGM which is scored by Avinash is average.


Director Navneeth is saved by the screenplay. Overall it is a decent entertainer with a message to carry back home.


Rating : 3.25/5


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