Dhwaja is a political thriller which narrates a story of what really goes behind the manipulative game of politics set in a village backdrop.

 This is a Remake of Tamil film Kodi. Ashok Kashyap who had a good time as a cinematographer is helming the director's hat in Dhwaja. Debutant Ravi has played a dual role along with Priyamani and Divya.



Dhwaja and Jana (both played by Ravi) are twins by birth. His father was also a low-rung party worker, brings him up to become a politician, before setting himself on fire, protesting against a factory who toxic mercury waste has ruined lives in the locality.Anbu is a soft spoken and intelligent, who works as a college professor.  Dhwaja falls for the over ambitious Ramya (played by Priyamani) who belongs to the rival party and has been in politics since childhood like him. While Dhwajais the youth wing secretary of his party and a prospective candidate, Ramya’s party selects her for an upcoming bye-election. Meanwhile, Jana is in love with Mahalakshmi(Divya), a egg vendor.

In a Sudden development, Dhwaja was made to contest against her girl friend Ramya. Will the love birds fight against each her? How will Jana comes into this mix makes the crux of this film.


 Ravi in his debut has done a very neat job. The swag in the character Dhwaja is uplifted by him. Priyamani has given one of her career best performances in this film. As a Cunning politician, she is outstanding. Divya was lively in her brief role.TN Seetharam as a Party leader has done a good job.


Songs which are retained from the original film Kodi are bit average. The BGM is convincing for this political thriller.The action sequences are choreographed well. The cinematography is very good throughout the movie.


Summing it up, Dhwaja works for its treatment and performances. Audience can have a good watching experience.


Rating 3.5/5


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