Director Mahesh known as Mussanje Mahesh, who had handled the megaphone for Kannada film Jindaa that was released in 2017, has tried his best with a murder mystery this time. Though he has succeeded in ensuring the screenplay crisp during the pre-intermission session, he lost control over it in the post-intermission, especially in the climax. Though some of the dialogues are good, others dialogues, especially those in the court hall deserve to be trimmed or removed.


During the first half, Ragini Dwivedi steals the show with her sterling performance. She is convincing as a rough and tough cop. Her body language and mannerisms and also dialogue delivery deserve appreciation. Among the four heroines, it is Meghana Raj who looks bold and beautiful. Surprisingly, Deepti, who maintains a low profile throughout the film, becomes emboldened in the climax scene.


The film begins with conservancy workers finding a dead body in a garbage bin near a community hall. The police commissioner hands over the case to Jhansi (Ragini Dwivedi) who was under suspension for threatening a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) with a pistol. Director makes Ragini’s entry interesting with a stunt sequence in which many well-built goons biting the dust for making an attempt to rape her.


The story of MMCH is about four girls Megha (Meghana Raj), Mala (Deepti), Chaya (Prathama Prasad) and Harshita (Samyukta Hornad) who hail from Mengaluru, Mysuru, Chamarajanagar and Hassan. They come to Bengaluru to pursue higher studies. They happen to visit Nanjundeswara Bakery maintained by Manoj (Yuvaraj). Manoj tries to come to closer to Deepti. After a few days friendship that leads to physical relationship, Manoj wants to avoid Deepti. He becomes adamant when Deepti’s friends plead him to marry her. In unavoidable circumstances, Deepti’s friends have to take a decision. To know about  their decision and who kills whom, you have to visit the nearest theatre to watch this 129-minute film.

Music director Sridhar V Sambram has done a good job. Songs are peppy and melodious.


Barring few flaws,MMCH is worth a dekko.

 Rating - 3/5


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