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Dasara Festive season has arrived on silver-screens with one of the Most Anticipated Movies of the Year, TARAK. Irrespective of Prakash’s abilities in varied genres, there is no denying the fact that he excels in Complete Family Entertainers. The latest offering TARAK Holds significance for two Main reasons – One is the supremely gifted Star power of Darshan & Other is the proven track record of Prakash in Class Movies. Naturally, the expectations are monumental. Let’s check out what the movie has in store for Audience.


TARAK, meaning Protector is the name of lead characters – Challenging Star Darshan and Dynamic Hero Devaraj in the Movie. Movie welcomes you to the world of TARAK RAM Family, where Grandfather (Devaraj) and Grandson (Darshan) are in 2 worlds totally different from each other for few family truffles. The story takes a turn when Darshan returns to India from Europe to suffice the promise made to his lover Meera (Shanvi). How Darshan gets locked amidst the Family values and Triangular Love Tale? Will he get back to his roots permanently and reunites with his joint family? All these action along with Engaging commercial elements have to be witnessed on big screen.


First half goes at a smooth pace with Regular Commercial & Family elements. Eye-catching Locales of Europe are a treat to watch. The plot has enough laugh-out-loud situations and emotional outbursts, especially in the second half to win Audience Hearts. Breezy performances from an ensemble starcast with neatly etched screenplay are the mainstay of Tarak. All Lead Characters have complemented each other extremely well which looks colorful on screen. Second half of the movie is truly an absolute gem.


Darshan is effortlessly charming as ever. There’s an innocent, adorable quality to his humor. This can be ranked as one of his career best performances. He is Lovable as Tarak, wins hearts as a Lover-Boy. His performance nearing the climax leaves audience moist eyed at times. His chemistry with Devaraj looks refreshing. Devaraj delivers a riveting performance as the Head of the Family. He brings his natural composure to the role and walks away with all the honors in the film’s emotional moments.


Shanvi Srivastava along with her infectious charm acts confidently and pairs off very well with Darshan. She delivers right expressions with ease and shocks with her performance in the Pre-climax sequence. Sruthi Hariharan is outstanding, complementing Darshan at every step. She makes the most of her Girl next door role and provides full justice to it. The camaraderie between Kuri Prathap & Mahendra (Drama Juniors Fame) fetches good laughs. Senior actress Sumithra is excellent in short yet effective role. Rest of the star cast inclusive of Avinash, Rajesh, Sharath Lohitashwa, Chitra Shenoy and others have done their role perfectly.


On the Technical Front, Movie deserves Full Marks for their sheer brilliance. Arjun Janya’s chartbuster tracks and Background score would surely give Goosebumps for the Audience. Lavishness personified in each and every frame, which looks extremely beautiful on Big Screen. Cinematographer deserves a special applause for casting magic with his lenses. Editing is crisp.


On the Whole, TARAK is full on Family Entertainer which cannot be missed. This is one of those Movies that will have strong Word of Mouth. With good festive season around, As far as Business Prospects are concerned – It’s a SURESHOT BLOCKBUSTER.


Cineloka Rates 4/5

- Marthish S

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