Raambo2 is a film which created lot of buzz for many reasons. Firstly it was a sequel to the hit film Rambo, which introduced Sharan as a Hero. Secondly, this movie was produced by the well known technicians. The songs were huge hits, so certainly it was the film audiences were looking for. Let’s see how it turns out to be.



Krishna (Sharan) is a guy who looks for variety in everything he does. His Dad had to change 5-6 places before they ended up staying in Goa. Krishna finds a street smart girl in Mayuri(Ashika) after repeatedly failing to find one . He goes for a long drive with Mayuri and the story begins from there. Many Characters comes into this road journey and makes it more interesting. Where will this journey end up? Who all joins the journey? What are the twists and turns it takes? Watch it on big screen and enjoy.



The Screenplay written by Anil Kumar and Tharun Sudhir is an engaging one. There are no dull moments throughout the flick. The inclusion of the character DJ(Chikkanna) gives the wholesale entertainment to the audience. There are few dual meaning dialogues but not as cheap as you see in every other movie these days.



There is a Surprise element in the second half of the film, which will surely melt your hearts. Would love to say that is the best part of this movie. The Car chases are brilliantly shot.

Apart from that, the film has many comical situations throughout. Few Scenes towards Pre Climax could have been bit pacy. The songs and BGM by Arjun Janya is very pleasing. The cinematography by Sudhakar is excellent. The Car chases are brilliantly shot.  Editing by Prakash is apt.


Sharan is lively and has selected the best script. Ashika adds the Glam Quotient while Chikkanna and Sadhu Kokila are good enough to make you laugh.


Overall Raambo2 is a well made comedy thriller, which can be enjoyed. Sharan after series of Average films gives a film which is worth visiting theatres.


Rating - 3.75/5


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