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Cast: Dhruva Sarja, Rachita Ram, Hariprriya and Vaishali Deepak in the lead roles

Music: V Harikrishna

Written and Directed by: Chethan Kumar
Release date: Sep 15th, 2017

Dhruva sarja is back to the ground  after a very long gap and he hits a Sixer .

The recently released trailer and the songs coupled with Dhurva Sarja's sensational dance moves with Massy dialogues  raised expectations on the film.

Let’s Find out if the movie was worth the wait or not as director hero duo are back after their previous super hit Bahaddur.

Dhruva Sarja called as Surya in the movie is happy go lucky guy with the boy next door looks and a  carefree attitude. He is the doting son to his mother who loves him to the moon and back.

Dhruva hates to see loved ones getting separated , but why ? we gotta watch the movie to know why.

 Whilst Dhruva aspiring to become a soldier , His mother’s only aim is to find a suitable bride for her adopted son and Surya comes across 3 female leads in the movie as the story progresses along with them.

Was his mother successful in finding the right girl for Dhruva? Did he become a soldier ?  forms the crux of the story.

It is Dhruva’s Show all the way, he has lived and loved the character he has played and does it with ease. All the 3 female leads do the job neatly but its Rachita ram and Haripriya who excels amongst them. The supporting cast has some big names from the industry and all have done justice to their respective roles.

Challenging Star Darshan Fans have a reason to rejoice as Darshan has given a voice Over which is blended well and also adds value to the movie.

Director Chethan has excelled in all the departments and has exceeded the expectations in his 2nd movie. It’s not an easy task to work on various departments like Story-screenplay-lyrics-dialogues and to excel in each of them.

This movie proves that he is not a one time wonder director and we could comfortably say that we have got a director who is worth the praise and accolades this movie might fetch.

Dhruva’s characterization in the movie would be a rage amongst the youth. The hero elevation scenes , the massy dialogues are top notch.

 Other Highlight of the movie is the fights choreographed by Vijay and Ganesh which is at par with the other industries, especially the Train fight receives huge applause from the audience.

Cinematography by Shreesha is a very pleasing. Even though the 2nd half seems bit dragged but for a commercial entertainers like this its inevitable.

V.Harikrishna’s two songs are foot tapping and other songs were average.But his Background Score is one of the main highlights of the movie.

 All in all this is Family commercial entertainer which can be watched by the whole family with no hesitation.
Cineloka Rating - 4 Stars

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