First of all we would like to Congratulate you from team Cineloka, as your debut movie "The Plan" has been released to good response from audience for both its subject and the Good Performances

1. First movie, off-beat subject, what was going through your mind on the day of release ?

I had done a couple of blink and miss roles in Kannada before "The Plan". I had not been involved with the promotions for a movie on a Broader scale. I have never been this nervous before, not even for my exam results. It is an experience which can only be felt and hard to explain. At the end of day, it was all worth it. People coming out of the theatres were very happy with the movie and the performances.

2. Acting with legendary actor Ananthnag who has spent over 4 decades in KFI is something everyone dreams for.. But you got it in your very first venture. How was the experience working with him ?

It was a surreal experience getting to work with Ananth Nag sir. Before we went on floors to shoot, we had a month of rigorous workshops and rehearsals to be well prepared. I knew my character inside out and we were thorough with our lines. So it was not too hard on the sets. Not many people get to see him so close at work. I feel very privileged to have had that opportunity. He's very charming and very friendly on sets. It was a very young team and he was very encouraging too.

3. Well not many would know that you completed your Engineering in Mysore and Masters in Australia. How did this transition take place from being an Engineer to an actor??. Is it something you always wished for or you just stumbled upon?

I have always been interested in acting from an early age, but I had never thought of taking it up as a career. It was only when I was 24, I started considering taking up acting as a career.
I took acting lessons for a year part-time at The Rehearsal Room, Melbourne. It was immensely helpful since I learnt about the various acting techniques and the nuances of acting. I did quite a lot of auditions and a couple of small roles in TV back in Melbourne before I released that I should move back to India and not waste anymore time. I moved back to Bangalore in mid 2013, did small roles in Kannada serials and movies before being a part of The Plan.

4. How did you become part of this movie??

I auditioned for The Plan in June 2014. It was just another audition and I had no idea Keerthi (the director) was casting for the lead role. He called me after the auditions and gave me the bound script. I found the story very interesting. Then he said he is considering me for the role of Ajay (the name of my character in the movie). I was blown away by it.

5. If you are given an option to select a role to perform from any movie around the world which would that be??

I don't think of roles like that. I react to what is in front of me. If it appeals to me, I take it up. I would probably enjoy doing a role which is challenging and involves a physical transformation.

6. Who is your favourite director in Kannada you would want to work with??

I am a little greedy in that sense. I would like to work with all of them. Any director with a good script and a dedicated team is my favourite director. Having said that, directors like Suri, Pawan Kumar, Suni, Rakshith Shetty are maverick directors and I enjoy watching their movies.

7. Finally, tell us more about your upcoming projects.

In talks with a director for a project early next year. I can talk about it only after it is confirmed. In the meanwhile, I am doing Kannada plays and honing my acting skills under the guidance of Sharath Parvathavani.


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