Firstly We would like to Thank Sumana Kittur from cineloka team for making time amidst her busy schedule for a telephonic interview with Us. Her Third directorial venture Edegaarike after SLum Bala and Kallara Santhe, is releasing this friday. In an era of completely commercial cinema her efforts in making a Novel based film is really appreciable and a brave step.Here is a small telephonic conversation with sumana Kittur regarding her film.


How difficult and how different is it to make a novel based movie as compared to a regular one?
Making a novel based movie is always a challenging task for many reasons. Firstly you would actually be trying to make a movie whose story is already known to the audience, the twist and turns, the emotions, everything.So the surprise factor would be missing and hence the presentation should be top notch to keep the audience interested. Secondly not entire book can be shown on screen because of the time constraint and hence the screenplay to keep the audience engaged for 2-2.30hrs takes in extra effort. Most importantly when directing a real life story we need to be more careful to make sure that the justice is done to the book and the incidents and hence we have to play in our own limits. There is no scope for forceful addition of commercial elemnts like dance and fights just for the sake of it.

Have you made any changes in the movie Edegaarike compared to what is there in the book?
No. We have tried our best to bring in what is there in the book. Agni Sreedhar has helped us to do so by writing the story and screenplay. Slum bala then and Edegaarike now.

What is your inspiration for doing movie on Underworld?
Slum Bala was about cabel mafia and Kallara santhe was about politics and hence they cannot be called as complete underworld movies My inspiration has been the books and the incidents that have happened around. I have closely seen Agni Sreedhar, Bacchhan, Sridhar and others and I would say they have inspired me to take up such stories.

What would you like to say about Agni Sreedhar?
I have know Agni Sreedhar sir for a long time now and he has been a great supporter all these years. I had worked as a associate director for the movie Aa Dinagalu for which the Story and Screenplay was by Agni Sreedhar. Infact he has written story for my previous films and also for the upcoming movie Edegaarike.

Adithya famously called as Deadly Adithya is in the lead role for this movie.Was he selected based on his role in deadly Soma?
No I did not select him based on his previous movies. I selected him because he had that perfect personality, height, rugged look and mostly the Eyes which had that fire the role asked for. He has done a great job in the movie and has exceeded my expectations. he has not enacted the character but has lived it and performed it.

How are you planning to publicize the movie?
This is a very different movie based on real life incidents and has only one song in the movie. Hence regular approach of releasing the songs on FM and tv's wont work. And this is a kind of subject which doesn call for unwanted overdoese publicity stunts. We are doing our best by putting hoarding and posters all over. We have been giving programs and interviews on news channels and tv stations and also interacting with audience there and will continue to do so even after movie release. Best publicity for any movie is the word of mouth. And we are waiting for it till friday.

We have often seen people blaming audience about not watching kannada movies.What is ur opinion abt that?
To whatever effort we have put in to the movie audience give the final result. If we are successful in entertaining them they ll surely watch our movie. Its true that we have lost certain set of audience who used to watch movies before. And over a last decade and half or so our movie are lacking the family and social element which was prevalent in 70's and 80's. We have completely stopped making novel based movie because of the fear of failure. If Edegaarike succeeds at box office then this Success will bring back that trend and encourange people to make more such movies.

Do you have any plans of releasing the movie outside karnataka and how many theatres are you planning to release the movie overall?
number of theatres and others business things are completely decided by the producer and as a director i am not aware of the final count. We will definitely try to get as many theatres as possible is all wat i can say.

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