Its more than 4 years now since the release of Psycho in 2008.. Is it the Pyscho's failure that made you hold back..


Psycho had an average performance at BO... It was neither hit nor a flop.. It had great opening all over infact there were lathi charges in mysore lakshmi and other places for the tickets on the first day.. And ya i do accept that it failed to meet the expectations. Now when i think what might be the reason, I find a lot of things that went wrong. The first and foremost was the entertainment factor which was lacking. The song choreographies could have been better. the more i think about it the different aspects i find which could have been better.. But past is past and has nothing to do about it.. I have learnt a lot from it.. And in this gap of four years i have tried to make a story that would overcome the negatives of the previous movies.. It might have taken a bit longer than expected but i'm not a person who is here to make 3-4 movies a year or just make a movie just for the sake of it... I am like a wounded tiger who is waiting for its revenge.. I am trying my best to strike back hard..

In your previous movie Psycho you did not reveal the hero and the heroine till the movie release.. And now you have not revealed the movie name but have denoted it in the form of MM.. Now what does that mean..

Releasing the movie name along with the poster is a common whing that everyone does and we did not want to follow the same.. People expect entertainment from the movie and in this one we decided to give them entertainment from the very first poster itself.. Even the title MM was kind of a puzzle which was made of two TRISHULA's and many could not find that. If you clearly observe the trishula is nothing but the modified version of the Kannada word 'Ya' and a small circle beside that which makes it M... The title MM could mean anything and it is left to the audience to decide what it is after watching the movie.. MM might be abbreviated form of Malai Mahadeshwara or Murder Mystery or Modada Mareyalli or Marali Mannige or anything.. Its purely dependent on what the audience feel after watching the movie. I am not expecting everyone to derive the same meaning which is the most exciting part.. It all depends on how the audience take the cinema.. I am waiting for it..

Even the posters are quite innovative... Is that ur head in the poster which is over the cart??

Yes it is... We have often seen that a director is appreiated or blamed for the success of the movie.. But the thing is movie making is a cumulative art.. Its not like painting where just a painter does it or any other art form where just one person is involved.. Lot of things need to be perfect and lot of people should work hand in hand to get a good final product.. Director alone cannot do everything but its his responsibility to co-ordinate with everyone and get the things right in place.. Nad that is what we have tried to convey through the poster...

Now that one question for which everyone is waiting for, Who is the hero for this movie.. None of the other starcast is revealed either... is it that the hunt is still on or u just dont want to reveal it...

I am sorry but all I have to say is you need to wait until the Muhurtha to know the star cast.. it might either be that i have already selected the hero or still in hunt for one but whatever it is the hero and the rest of the cast will be reveale don the day of muhurtha which would be sometime after Sankranthi.. But all I can say is the revealation of the hero will be in style like never before... The hero entry will be over a Real Tiger and the posters would carry the same and not the photoshopped one's.. Until then we shall discuss about many other aspects of our cinema minus the cast.. ;)

Another uniqueness of this movie is that the Audio is released even before the start of the movie, even before knowing the starcast.. Who is the music director in this one and what are you expecting out of it..

Its mainly left to the audience as to what they are expecting from the audio of this movie.. Like I have already said we did not want to do things in the traditional way and din want to follow the same flowchart and hence we have tried to do things in our own way.. Im quite happy that u have questioned about this because it means that u have noticed it.. Which is all we wanted.. make people notice our work.. Music director for this movie is Ashley and Abhilash with whom i worked during the Dubbed version release of Psycho in Telugu.. The background muisic for the telugu version was by Ashley and abhilash and thats when i was quite impressed with them and hence decide to work with them for my upcoming movie MM

Your last movie audio had a tremendous response and was a major factor that played in the opening of the movie.. Were u under any sort of pressure cox of previous success?? and was it not a gamble to go with an unknown music director...

Even Raghu Dixith was an unknow name before Psycho release.. We never thought about that Psycho's aduio can be such a big success while we were working for it, It just happened.. And the same goes with this one too.. We have come up with the audio based on what the story has asked for.. Hope the audience like it this time too...

You have brought out the CD'a under your own company.. We have often seen that usually our audio is not well promoted and they come to light after movie release.. How are u planning to publicize it...
We are having some unique plans to promote our audio.. Main one being that we are going to place the audio in main theatre of all major centres.. Unlike other cd's we have set the cost to only Rs36 to keep it reasonable... We would be placing the cd's in KG road main theatres of bangalore from sometime next week....

Now coming to more general topics, What do u think about the recent hue and cry about the Non kannada release affecting our movies...

This is not something new to Film industry.. Competition is present in all fields.. Over time smallers shops and provision stores are now being converted or affected by Supermarkets and big bazaars though they sell the same products.. So imagine if the competition has come down even to such small items what would be its affect in the film industry.. The only thing we can do is to adapt to the changing situations and fight it by giving good products to the customers.. Audince will definiteky watch a good movie...

We have generally seen industry ppl or our film makers blaming audience for not watching our kannada movie.. whats ur opinion regarding this...

I will not support this.. Infosys Narayana Murthy usually says one thing that "The market is always Right" and i believe in that.. As i have said earlier a good product is always well recieved, the recent examples being Addhuri and Sangolli rayanna.. The technology and the media had completely changed the way the system works.. You need not wait for the weekend for the review as it was before.. If the movie is not good the negatoce reviews would start flowing even before the interval and the complete postmortem of the movie would be done by 1.15-1.30pm.. Its hard to understand the pulse of the audience.. I can sit here and convince 4 people that the concept of my movie is right but the same cant be done throughout the state, the taste varies.. So all we need to do is to give our best in the form of good movie and wait for the result...

Last and final question.. As a director what is that one thing that you would like to change in our industry or the one which irritates u the most..

To be honest KFI is one of the best Industries to work in.. And I don feel there is something thats is not right in it...

- By Narasimha

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