Film: Puta 109

Director: Dayal Padmanbhan

Cast: Karthik Jayaram, Naveen Krishna, Vaishnavi Chandra, Sri, Anupama Gowda and others

Music: Ganesh Narayanan


Director Dayal Padmanabhan, known for experimental films, has proved his mettle once again with aptly handling the megaphone for his latest film Puta 109. His earlier film Aa Karaala Raatri had invited rave reviews from film critics and appreciation from cine-goers. His latest film is quite interesting and definitely an experimental one.


The USP of Puta 109 is the screenplay that has the potential to make the audiences to remain in their seats while watching it at theatres. The director has taken all measures to avoid unnecessary expenditure in making this film by engaging a few artistes and completing the shooting within a few days.


It is a murder mystery investigated by an intelligent and shrewd police officer JK (Jayaram Karthik). He begins the investigation with interrogating Sri, a novelist, whose wife Vaishnavi (Vaishnavi Chandra) is murdered. The pre-intermission session is full of imagination. The novelist tries to divert police officer’s attention by bringing a few people such as an A/C mechanic, a publisher, a cook and a relative into the picture but it is the police officer who nabs the real culprit with the help of a missing page in a book.

You have to watch this film to know about the book and how the culprit tried his best to divert police attention and how the police officer  succeeds in finding the culprit and what happens to the culprit.


As far as performance is concerned, Jayaram Karthik, known as JK, walks away with his sterling performance as a cop. His dialogue delivery is superb. Naveen Krishna has acted well. His body language deserves appreciation. Vaishnavi Chandra, as an unhappy and unsatisfied wife, has acted well.


One cannot ignore the contribution of cinematographer PHK Das who did a commendable job behind the camera. His task was tough since most of the shooting is confined to a room. Ganesh Narayan is also deserves for scoring interesting background music for this crime thriller.


Barring few minor flaws, PUTA 109 is a watchable film.

Rating – 3.25/5

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