‘YAJAMANA’- Most expected movie of the year has made its way to silver-screens after setting new benchmarks in sandalwood via its trailer & audio album. 18 months drought for Darshan fans in particular comes to an end with this commercial potboiler. Find what the film has to offer in the movie review.

Our country claims that Farmers are the backbone of the nation, but no proper measures are being taken to save the innocent lives during crisis times. In “YAJAMANA”, Directors have tried to showcase the problems faced by farmers due to challenges posed by Globalization. This script has been penned by V. Harikrishna- P. Kumar and has been spruced up well to meet the demands of current generation Audience.

Story revolves around the group of farmers based in Hulidurga who fight against a corporate company owned by Business Tycoon, Devi Shetty (Anoop Singh Thakur) who wants to grab the ownership of Oil extraction business in the town. Krishna (Darshan) as a Good Samaritan fights for the helpless farmers & his family against Devi’s renowned establishment across India. How Krishna overcomes all the hurdles and reaffirms the ownership stature of farmers in the town forms the crux of the story.

Directors, V. Harikrishna and P. Kumar have packed the story with a social welfare message in an entertaining manner with right dosage of family elements, mass dialogues, emotional sequences, Comedy, Action and romance. Movie has ignorable drawbacks with improper placement of songs without good leads in the first half, which could have been avoided. Thought provoking Plot & engaging Screenplay are the two major highlights of the movie.

Challenging Star Darshan steals the show as ‘YAJAMANA’. His magnificent screen presence adds enormous value to this project which carries a good message to the society. He looks stylish and massy carrying the entire movie on his shoulders. His chemistry with Rashmika Mandanna is remarkable on-screen. Rashmika delivers confident and Bold Performance yet again. Tanya Hope hardly looks like a first time actor and has done her part very well. Devaraj as head of the town delivers a towering performance.

All Co-artists have nailed it with their Natural performances. Anoop Thakur Singh shines as a baddie throughout the film. He himself has dubbed in Kannada which should be appreciated. Dhananjaya proves yet again that he is a fantastic actor. Sadhu Kokila, Shivaraj KR Pete, Sanju Basayya, Dattanna & Ravishankar evoke genuine laughs throughout the movie.  All Supporting Artists deserve kudos for getting their acts spot-on. Lavishness is clearly evident on screen – thanks to Makers, Shylaja Nag & B Suresha for delivering a High Quality product.

The technical department of the Movie has done a splendid job. It has Haunting tracks from Harikrishna that are chartbusters already. ‘Ondu Munjane’, ‘Nintha Nodo Yajamana’, ‘Shivanandi’ and ‘Basanni’ – All songs Choreography/Execution are just brilliant. He occupies the spotlight with his infectious catchy Background score which suits the ongoing perfectly. Shreesha’s Cinematography is too good. Each and every frame looks colorful and grand. Bahaddur Chethan’s Dialogues deserve a special mention which is a feast for Mass Audience. Shashidhar Adapa’s art work with giant sets are etched with perfection.

Ultimately, YAJAMANA packs the sweet punch to be a SURESHOT BLOCKBUSTER. Message-oriented flick with Entertainment values at its best. Go, watch and enjoy this big canvas movie at your nearest theatres.


Cineloka Rates 4/5

-Marthish S

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