Film: Kismat

Director: Vijaya Raghavendra

Cast: Vijaya Raghavendra, Sangeetha Bhat, Saikumar, Dileep Raj, Chikkanna, Naveen Krishna, Dharma, Sunder Raj, Nanda Gopal and others.

Music: Rajesh Murugeshan

Vijaya Raghavendra’s much-awaited film Kismat has released today at theatres across Karnataka. Kismat is a Hindi word, which means the destiny. This film is a like a destiny for actor Vijaya Raghavendra who made debut as a director through this film. Generally, films are made on time-management are suspense or crime thrillers but Kismat has comedy element too.  Its script revolves around the incidents taken place from morning to evening. This film is an official Remakeof Malyalam movie Neram.


It is about Vijay (Vijaya Raghavendra) who has borrowed money from money lender Bhadra for his sister’s marriage. Bhadra has threatened Vijay to return his money before 5 pm. At this juncture, Vijay’s lover Anu (Sangeetha Bhat) runs away from her home and waits for him. He arranges money and gives it to his friend for handing over to Bhadra. Meanwhile, a thief lays his hands on the money and escapes. While Vijay is in a dilemma on how to arrange money to Bhadra and how to meet his lover, his brother-in-law demands him to pay the balance amount of dowry agreed at the time of marriage. The climax is how Vijay comes out of all these hurdles.


This is Vijaya Raghavendra’s maiden film as a director but he handled the megaphone with aplomb. His USP is the selection of artistes. Vijaya Raghavendra has played unemployed youth well. For the first time, Chikkanna played a serious character. Saikumar, Naveen Krishna, Dharma, Sundar Raj have provided good support. Dileep Raj, as a friend who comes to hero’s rescue, has acted well. Sangeetha Bhat, though played a brief role, has utilized this opportunity well. Nandagopal as a money lender has also acted well. If he takes acting seriously, he would be a good asset for Sandalwood.


Music by Rajesh Murugeshan is good. Two songs are worth listening. Rajesh Narayanan has done a good job behind the camera which effectively captured the streets of Bengaluru.

This is a clean and neat film and worth watch by whole family members.


Rating – 3.25/5

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