Film: MLA

Director: Manju Maurya

Cast: Pratham, Sonal Monteiro, Rekha, Kuri Prathap, Naveen and others.

Producers: Venkatesh Reddy and Venki Palgulla


If Pratham’s fans are taking his recent announcement of quitting film industry, MLA will be one of the last few opportunities for them to watch their favourite hero on the silver screen. It is not that all is well with this film but it certainly provides an opportunity for Pratham’s fans, if they want, to see their matinee idol sharing the silver screen with young and energetic Sonal Moneiro and encountering Sparsha Rekha with his punchy dialogues.


It is about an unemployed youth who becomes an activist. While continuing his struggle to do good for society, he falls in love with a woman MLA’s daughter. As expected, the woman MLA questions him about his credentials and qualifications to marry her daughter. She also challenges him to contest in the elections against her. The climax is whether he takes the challenge seriously or not? Will he, being good and doing good to people, survive in politics known for corruption, money and muscle power? You have to watch this film to know about it.


Director Manju Maurya has tried his best to make this film worth for watching by ensuring all ingredients, especially humour, but does not succeed to make it a must watch.


Pratham’s acting as usual. He heavily depends on dialogue delivery and fails to live up to expectations in other departments such as romance and emotion. It is quite heartening to see Sparsha Rekha after a long gap. She played a politician role. Music director Vikram Subramanyam has done justice to his assignment.

As mentioned above, it is for Pratham’s hardcore fans.


Rating – 2.75/5

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