Film: Tarakasura

Director:  Chandrasekhar Bandiyappa

Cast: Vybhay, Manvita Harish, Dany Sapani, Jai Jagadish, Kari Subbu, Mata Koppala, Sadhu Kokila and others.

Music:  Dharma Vish


M Narasimhulu, a well-known exhibitor in Bengaluru, not only makes a debut as a producer in Sandalwood but also introduces his son as a hero with this film. Producer Narasimhulu has taken all necessary measures to launch his son as hero by providing all amenities during the shooting. The stunt sequences are any indication; Tarakasura has all qualifications to qualify as a mass entertainer.


Director Chandrasekhar Bandiyappa, who handled the megaphone for two Kannada films – Aane Pataki and Rathavara, has proved his mettle by handled the megaphone reasonbly well.

It is about Kaalinga (Dany Sipani), a sand mafia king, who maintains monopoly on sand business in Karnataka.  Kaalinga knows how to grease the palms of corrupt government officials. He also knows how to eliminate those who try to bid for sand extraction contract. At this juncture, the director introduces Carbon (Vybhav) who happens to antagonize a local goon in Bengaluru. After chasing and thrashing local rowdies, he meets an agent-cum-garment worker (Sadhu Kokila). He joins as an accountant in a garment factory. He falls in love with Muttamma (Manvita Harish), a techie.


Meanwhile, archeologist (Jai Jagadeesh) advises Kaalinga to engage a Siddi tribe youth for a treasure hunt. As expected, Kaalinga approaches Carbon’s father and entices him with good amount of money. Carbon’s father compels him to take up the assignment. What happens to Carbon? Will Kaalinga get what he wanted? You have to watch this film at a nearby theatre.


Vybhav has tried his best to live up to the expectations of movie buffs. Though he is good in action sequences,he has to hone up his acting skills to remain or continue in Sandalwood. Manvita Harish was good in her brief role. Jai Jagadish, Kari Subbu and Mata Koppala have provided a good support. Sadhu Kokila has also tried his best to make the audiences giggle for a while. Dany Sapani is convincing as a vicious villain.


Dharma Vish has composed a good music. He deserves appreciation for the background score in this film.

It is worth watching for those who love action flicks.


Rating -3.25/5

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