Film: Taayige Takka Maga

Director: Shashank

Cast: Ajay Rao, Ashika Ranganath, Sumalatha, Achyut Kumar, Saurav Lokesh, Hebbale Krishna, Sadhu Kokila and others.


Director Shashank makes a comeback after three years. He is known for making romantic films- Krishnan Love Story and Krishna Leela – with Ajay Rao in the lead role. Now, Shashank has attempted an action-oriented commercial Drama with Ajay Rao in the lead role. It is not that this film – Taayige Thakka Maga – has no other elements such as sentiment, romance and comedy but the director gave more importance to make this an action film due to the reasons best known to him.


It is about the story of mother Parvathi (Sumalatha Ambareesh) and son Mohan Das (Ajay Rao). Their prime objective is to fight against injustice and corruption in society. While son thrashes the goons and lands up behind the bars, mother, a well-known lawyer, argues in the court and releases him from prison. They also prove that they are good in cooking food at a marriage hall. At this juncture, Mohan Das, encouraged by his mother, falls in love with Saraswathi (Ashika Ranganath), a Music player.


While he was busy in taking his lover to beautiful locations, circumstances compel him to antagonize Sharat Kale (Saurav Lokesh), the son of a former minister who is set to become the president of a political party’s youth wing. While Parvathi and her son try to safeguard and protect the witness against Sharat Kale, his father uses his influence, money and muscle power to make Mohan Das life miserable.


You have to watch this film to know how Mohan Das and his mother teach a lesson to corrupt and criminal politicians and what happens to his lover.

There are a number of action scenes that are picturised around KR Market in Bengaluru. Sadhu Kokila’s performance and dialogues are aimed at the front benchers. Ajay Rao has acted well and he is brilliant in action sequences. Sumalatha Ambarish plays a different role. Ashika Ranganath is good and did justice for her assignment.


Music by Judah Sandhy is good. Lyricists Jayant Kaikini and Raghavendra have done a good job.

Had the director taken a little care to make a bit more realistic film, the film would have been a good watch not only for the mass but also the class audiences.


Nevertheless, if you are a fan commercial potboilers, this is a good watch to you.

Rating – 3.25

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