Raj B Shetty


Raj B Shetty started his career as a radio jockey at Big 92.7 FM in Mangalore. Shetty then joined a theatre group and started giving plays. Along with theatre play he also started making short films. Once when he was preparing for a new short movie he met director Suhan Prasad and told his new short film story to him. Prasad was impressed with his story and told Raj B Shetty that instead of doing it has a short movie let’s make it a big screen movie and also told that he would only produce it. That’s how Ondu Motteya Kathe started. After collaborating with director Pawan Kumar the movie took a new shape and was released world wide. Currently he is doing a cab driver role in his next new untitled movie which is being directed by debutant Hemanth Kumar.


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